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BECAUSE Axel is bothersome

WHO: Thomas and Axel
WHAT: Axel barges in on Thomas' dreams because he can
WHEN: ????
WHERE: Nautilus' version of Budehuc Castle?

= = = =

The place: Budehuc castle – or some kind of conglomeration of buildings old and new, still very familiar to the eye of the beholder. It had undergone many renovations ever since it appeared in the Southern District of the city, but its rustic exterior became iconic the more it was used as a Welcome House.

There wasn't much going on around the area, but it was peaceful. In fact, it was almost as if nothing could ruin the picturesque atmosphere it held onto.

So quaint. So peaceful.
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Too peaceful.

One of the greatest things about being tall — tree-like, some had said — was that it gave Axel an advantage when it came to a certain type of recon. Said recon was no joke. It took skill in stealth, a knack for timing, and, above all else, a presence that was difficult to define. Unlike other types of recon, it was one that could not simply be taught ... and it was one that Axel excelled in.

That special method of recon ... was lurking.

"Wooooow," came the easy drawl of a man utterly unconcerned by his proximity to the other. (Said proximity was precisely two inches, for the record. Two inches behind Thomas. Leeeeaning over his shoulder.) "You really like this look."

Of the many dreams Axel could have barged into, he chose Thomas'. And he chose to comment on the decor. Congratulations.