ohcruelworld: (Thomas: time for plan B)
Thomas ([personal profile] ohcruelworld) wrote in [community profile] inconvincible2017-01-10 08:15 pm

BECAUSE Axel is bothersome

WHO: Thomas and Axel
WHAT: Axel barges in on Thomas' dreams because he can
WHEN: ????
WHERE: Nautilus' version of Budehuc Castle?

= = = =

The place: Budehuc castle – or some kind of conglomeration of buildings old and new, still very familiar to the eye of the beholder. It had undergone many renovations ever since it appeared in the Southern District of the city, but its rustic exterior became iconic the more it was used as a Welcome House.

There wasn't much going on around the area, but it was peaceful. In fact, it was almost as if nothing could ruin the picturesque atmosphere it held onto.

So quaint. So peaceful.

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